Board meetings! The ever dreaded work after work, like taxes, at times it feels as if there is no end to the prep. Never fear! We have a best practice guide and a template for you to use so that you can focus on getting the most out of your trusted advisors.

board meeting

Frequency: Boards should meet quarterly, with a one hour update call in between meetings. Try to schedule your meetings at least 6 mo. in advance, preferably one year.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Meeting style: Set expectations that the board deck should be read prior, the BM is not a simply a powerpoint presentation share. Ask for board to send over questions in advance. Delegate someone to take succinct board minutes.

Who presents? Dept leaders should explain planned vs performance in terms of KPIs & achievements – i.e. Review OKRs here are the 3 initiatives we stated previously & how/why we performed/ what we’re planning for next quarter

Don’t forget: the board is working on behalf of your company’s best interests & don’t be afraid to share bad news. They are there to help!

Best practices: What to share with the board

When to send supporting info & deck:  Ideally 4-7 days prior

Use this Spreadsheet:  This is a good template comprised of baseline metrics to track & report.

What else to send:

  • A spreadsheet of the open pipeline 
  • A spreadsheet of strategic accounts
  • Churn report with reasons coded or explained 
  • Option grant summary
  • Prompt board to send questions in advance, this will allow you separate possible discussion points from concerns that can be answered in advance 
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