For the 2022 summer, we’re working with two MBA students from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business to uncover trends and opportunities in privacy, security and healthcare. If you’re an expert or founder in adjacent sectors, please reach out to Max or Duncan to connect!

Duncan Hutchins

Focus: blockchain technology

At Access Venture Partners this summer, Duncan is taking a thematic approach to his work, focusing on blockchain technology. In addition to researching and developing an investment thesis around future applications and use cases for blockchain, Duncan is actively meeting with founders leading blockchain-based projects and companies in the Rocky Mountain region.

Originally from Baltimore, MD, Duncan attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a scholarship athlete playing lacrosse and studying Management and Entrepreneurship. At UNC-Chapel Hill, Duncan was on the All-ACC Academic team and won an ACC Championship. Before moving to Colorado to pursue an MBA at the Leeds School of Business, Duncan spent six years at a high-growth start-up in Washington DC called Sensory Interactive. By the end of his tenure at Sensory Interactive, Duncan worked for the founder and CEO as a Strategic Advisor.

Max Denker

Focus: synthetic data, data privacy & healthcare

As a Summer Associate at Access Venture Partners, Max has three objectives. First, he will build two theses: one on areas of opportunity with synthetic data and another on opportunities in the future of healthcare trends. Second, Max looks forward to identifying leading companies that are solving the problems in these two areas, building meaningful relationships with founders, and generating deal flow. Third, he is eager to absorb the knowledge and experience of the AVP team to gain deeper insight into how a VC firm operates. Throughout the summer, Max hopes to learn from AVP and the investment/startup community how each party interacts to progress their own goals as well as help their partners do the same.

Max grew up in Milwaukee, WI where he loved playing basketball and learning how to ski on the Wisconsin “mountains”. He studied Business and Enterprise Management with a minor in Psychology at Wake Forest University. Before moving to Colorado, Max lived in Madison, WI where he made a nine-year career at Epic, the leading electronic healthcare SaaS company. Max led implementations across healthcare systems; his main responsibilities were people management, project management, staffing operations, and customer success. Max is currently pursuing his MBA at CU Boulder Leeds School of Business focusing on venture capital and startups with the goal of making a positive impact across multiple emerging companies by supporting entrepreneurs to successfully grow their business.