We first invested in Cloud Campaign in January of 2020 – two months before the pandemic. The pandemic signaled a shift in many industries and propelled a significant spike in professional services freelancing. In 2020, 1 million Americans started freelancing – and that number continues to keep climbing. Major players are starting to get into the game – Linkedin is soon going live with a professional freelancer marketplace – and dozens of new startups are surfacing to support this growing class of works.

Back in 2017, founders Ryan Born and Ross Gray had the foresight to build a system that would allow freelance marketers & agencies to manage multiple clients’ social media activity within one platform. Cloud Campaign has since evolved to become a comprehensive operating system and will expand the team and the platform with this latest funding round. Congrats to the team!

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Cloud Campaign Closes a $5 Million Series A to Expand its Operating System for Marketing Agencies & Freelancers

Company focuses on expanding its offering from social media marketing to a comprehensive operating system for freelancers and agencies

Boulder, CO. (May 21, 2021) — Cloud Campaign, the operating system for marketing agencies and freelancers, announced a new $5 million round in Series A funding. The round is led by Oregon Venture Fund and Access Venture Partners, distinguished venture firms supporting high-growth startups in Oregon and Colorado respectively. Cloud Campaign has offices in Boulder and Portland.

Cloud Campaign offers marketing agencies, as well as freelance marketers, a purpose-built marketing platform to improve their workflows and scalability. More than 7,600 companies and 9,000 users are actively using Cloud Campaign, including Hilton, BMW, and Ernst & Young.

In 2020, 1 million Americans started freelancing — and Cloud Campaign is the operating system for this thriving market. Over the past year, Cloud Campaign grew revenue by 200%, adding 420 agency customers and publishing over 3 million social media posts in the process.

“Marketers are laser-focused on the performance of every single social media post,” said Ryan Born, Co-founder and CEO of Cloud Campaign. “We give marketers and their clients, no matter their size, tools so powerful it fuels client acquisition and significantly aids in retention,” Born continued. “We’ve had enormous success enabling the freelancer and agency market to expand and grow their businesses.”

Access Venture Partner’s Managing Partner Kirk Holland says, “Existing social marketing tools are not designed for multi-brand management, causing serious problems for marketing agencies and freelancer marketers. We’re excited to support Cloud Campaign’s rapid growth and expansion as it continues to better serve this often underserved market.” Cloud Campaign fills the void and provides agencies and freelancers with a white-labeled operating system for managing clients, creating and scheduling content, automating workflows, and monitoring campaign analytics. 

Cloud Campaign will be using the funding to expand its platform into a comprehensive operating system to further support the growth and success of its customer base. Cloud Campaign currently has 13 full-time employees and will double in the next year by tapping into the ever-growing Portland and Boulder talent pool. “Boulder and Portland have well-established startup environments and tight-knit communities that will help us achieve the next stage of growth without the high costs of bigger tech cities,” says Born.

“Agencies are looking for a comprehensive solution to help them manage campaigns for multiple clients, acquire and retain new clients, all while collaborating with key stakeholders at every stage of the agency-client relationship,” says Jason Burby, Chief Client Officer at Wunderman Thompson. Cloud Campaign provides every agency and freelancer with a complete operating system for client management, collaboration, and retention.

Benefits of Cloud Campaign:

  • Multi-brand management: Collaborative content creation and client approval workflows
  • Efficiency: Automation of social schedules, category-based content, and streamlined workflows for account managers 
  • Authority: White-labeled SaaS platform for social media marketing and one-click client reports
  • Intelligence: Paid ad analytics, organic social analytics, and community monitoring

To learn more about growing your marketing agency, email sales@cloudcampaign.io or visit the Cloud Campaign website to sign up for a 14-day free trial. 

About Cloud Campaign:

Cloud Campaign is building the operating system for marketing agencies and freelancers. Cloud Campaign’s SaaS platform allows teams to manage multiple clients, automate content workflows, and charge a higher retainer with a leaner team. Cloud Campaign is actively hiring in both Portland, Oregon and Boulder, Colorado. To learn more or apply for an open position, please visit https://cloudcampaign.io/about#career