The DevSecOps landscape is changing: enters the landscape to end the API guessing game.

Imagine this: You find yourself sitting in your weekly meeting listening to myriad customer service flags that have escalated since last week’s release. The CS team brings up a series of seemingly disjointed issues using anecdotal customer information. Now is the time when all eyes shift downward as the rest of the engineering team starts to jam away on laptops looking for the cause of the issue. 

The product strategy meeting goes down a similar path. Precise customer usage isn’t clear. How can you know how customers are using your APIs without a back-and-forth inquisition? Which features should be prioritized for the next sprint?

This API guessing game doesn’t have to continue and we think it is time to end it. This is why we’ve backed Resurface, user-centric API monitoring. It gives a complete view of all user actions across all API calls. And, Resurface gives ownership and control to the API publisher – no third-party data sharing with Resurface or anyone else. 

Resurface provides a user-centric view into APIs that democratizes big data insights. Resurface turns every API into a durable transaction to speed troubleshooting, drive revenue recovery, and improve CX.

The team is the right one to tackle this challenge. Rob Dickinson (CEO) and Christine Bottagaro (CRO) have been close to the problem for decades. During their tenures at Quest, Dell, Intel, SAP, Rally, Rogue Wave(…), they saw all the tail-chasing and undocumented lost revenue due to functionality gaps in APM & monitoring tools.

Rob has spent decades delving into customer behavior. At Xaffire, he focused on building a web capture monitoring application that led to the eventual acquisition by Quest Software. While at Quest he followed the theme, leading an AJAX capture/replay initiative. 

Customer advocacy and establishing a unified understanding of customer behavior has been the storyline of Christine’s career. Christine’s work in creating effective customer engagement and global integrated marketing campaigns directly contributed to several acquisitions (Kapost by Upland, Sybase by SAP). 

Our investment in Resurface solidifies our focus on founders building better products to support the API economy. User-centric API visibility is possible and now, more approachable. API monitoring should focus on users, not systems, to deliver faster troubleshooting, better tests, happier customers, and more recovered revenue. We are excited to back that mission.

Resurface Labs secures $3M seed financing for user-centric API monitoring platform

BOULDER, CO, October 21, 2020  – Resurface Labs, provider of user-centric API monitoring software to help organizations fix application issues faster, improve customer experience, and drive revenue recovery, today announced the closing of its $2.0M seed round. Led by Access Venture Partners, the round includes participation from new investors Alerion Ventures, FirstMile Ventures, and SaaS Ventures, along with existing investor Village Global, as well as angel investors. 

To succeed in today’s digital economy, organizations in every industry are using APIs to unlock services that connect users, customers, and partners in unprecedented ways. Resurface makes it easy to see, understand, and discover details about every API call – from pre-production to live environments – to speed troubleshooting, improve CX, and drive revenue recovery. By turning  every API call into an observable transaction, businesses can see their services as customers do,  and spend less time chasing elusive problems using anecdotal information.  

“We set out to do something good. We want to make a difference in how APIs are monitored, and  to give all companies access to true user-centric API understanding. The success of our seed round during the COVID-19 era is validation of our unique approach and Resurface’s ability to elegantly and cost-effectively solve a hard problem,” said Rob Dickinson, CEO and co-founder. 

The primary benefits of Resurface include: 

  • Turning every attempted customer action into a successful outcome, as all API calls are recorded as durable transactions, offering a direct path to root cause and remediation.
  • Understanding, assessing, and optimizing all API interactions, providing deep insights  across multiple dimensions to score user behavior, performance, and quality of service.
  • Providing a DevOps-friendly approach that minimizes escalations back to development, giving everyone access to detailed API production data, from DevOps to data scientists  to QA teams.  
  • Resurface users retain first-party ownership and control over API data. 

Frank Mendicino III, co-founder and Managing Director of Access Venture Partners, shared his enthusiasm for Resurface, “APIs are driving our digital economy, and Resurface is well positioned to capitalize on the appetite for more and better insights into what’s beneath the surface of API interactions. The idea that you can optimize and correct — as well as remediate — had our attention from the outset. We’re excited to be part of the team.” 

Resurface Labs Inc is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Please send inquiries to