Almost ten years ago, Steve, Manny and Rob launched Dizzion with the vision of building a technology platform to enable companies to deliver and manage remote desktops to stay at home workers, call centers and other remote computing needs.

We invested just over 5 years ago, believing in their product vision to go beyond merely managing remote desktops but building a software platform that enabled companies to monitor, control and secure their desktops. During this time, we also doubled down on Rob’s blue ocean strategy to bring Dizzion’s platform to any cloud and Steve’s ability to execute and manage the organization and Manny’s ability to organize partnerships and sell, sell, sell.

In 2020, with Covid raising awareness for enterprise grade secure remote access, the market moved our way. And the Dizzion team was ready. They had established partnerships with key companies and had demonstrated that their product could be uniquely deployed on any cloud. They had the right team and didn’t just seize the day – they crushed it, growing over 100%.

We have watched the team transform Dizzion from a startup into a market leader in high-performance managed Desktop as a Service. Even before this fundamental shift, Dizzion was the market-leader in securing remote desktops to allow teams to work securely and compliantly from anywhere. We’re excited to see how Dizzion continues to grow with LLR Partners.

Congratulations to the entire team for all the hard work and perseverance in building a world-class Colorado-based company! Their dedication, execution and vision enabled this tremendous outcome. It’s a great study in entrepreneurship and we are thankful and proud of Steve, Rob and Manny and the entire Dizzion team.

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