At Access Venture Partners, we’re excited to support the talented team at Tidal Cyber as they empower cybersecurity analysts to defend themselves against the threats most critical to them. With the ever-increasing number of cyber threats, coverage analysis and response is only becoming more time consuming. To address the realities of this networked world, Tidal Cyber is building a threat-informed defense platform that empowers enterprises to efficiently assess, organize, and optimize their cyber defenses based on a deep understanding of adversarial behavior. The platform then applies the ATT&CK framework and recommends solutions to address these gaps.

Washington, D.C. – October 4, 2022 – Tidal Cyber, a leader in threat-informed defense technology, today announced the closing of a $4 million funding round led by Ultratech Capital Partners. The funding will be used to expand Tidal’s SaaS-based threat-informed defense platform and ramp up customer acquisition. 

 The number of cyber-attacks continues to grow each year, making it more important than ever for enterprises to adopt more proactive cybersecurity measures. Threat-informed defense gives companies a more strategic means of defense by focusing on the tactics and techniques used by the adversaries most likely to target them. 

 “As cyber-attacks become both more frequent and more damaging, it’s clear that a more proactive strategy is needed. We are proud to be part of the work Tidal is doing to help organizations secure themselves more effectively by implementing threat-informed defense,” said Dale Davis, Principal at Ultratech. 

 The Tidal Platform is purpose-built to make implementing threat-informed defense simple and streamlined. The Tidal Community Edition, the free-to-use base offering of the platform, was made generally available at Black Hat USA in early August. It features enriched technique data from MITRE ATT&CK® and other open-source sources, as well as the Tidal Product Registry™, a curated repository of vendor-supplied data mapped to specific adversary behaviors. The Tidal Community Edition was named a Top Cybersecurity Product Unveiled at Black Hat 2022 by CSO Online

 “We are incredibly proud of the rapid progress we have made to date and are excited to achieve this important milestone,” said Tidal co-founder and CEO Rick Gordon. “This capital will provide us with resources we need to enable enterprises of all sizes to achieve a threat-informed defense. We are thrilled to be working with the Ultratech team and with an incredible group of experienced security investors on this important mission.” 

 In addition to Ultratech, new investors participating in the fundraising are Access Venture Partners, TFX Capital, VIPC Virginia Venture Partners, Dreamit, and Adam Vincent. Existing investors participating in this round include First InTM, BlueWing Ventures, SaaS Ventures, Riverbend Capital, Blu Venture Investors, and StoneMill Ventures. 

 Future plans for the Tidal Platform include an enterprise edition with enhanced features including reporting using the Tidal Confidence Score™, which will help enterprises effectively evaluate and communicate their cyber risk reduction. 

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About Tidal Cyber:  

Founded in January 2022 by a team of threat intelligence veterans with experience at MITRE, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and a wide range of innovative security providers, Tidal Cyber enables businesses to implement a threat-informed defense more easily and efficiently. The Tidal Platform helps our customers map the security capabilities of their unique environment against the industry’s most complete knowledgebase of adversary tactics and techniques, including the MITRE ATT&CK® knowledge base, additional open-source threat intelligence sources, and a Tidal-curated registry of security product capabilities mapped to specific adversary techniques. The result is actionable insight to track and improve their defensive coverage, gaps, and overlaps. For more information, please visit: