We’re constantly harping on the growth of the Colorado tech startup ecosystem and the impressive talent that continues to relocate to the Boulder/Denver area. A key factor of our burgeoning ecosystem is a balance between large and small tech companies contributing to the local talent and expertise pool. 60 of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley have a presence and/or are hiring in Colorado – which definitely helps to contribute to our growing talent pool.

This is a good resource for: talent looking to relocate to Colorado, talent looking for remote positions with larger tech companies here, startups looking for partnership or sales opportunities into these companies.

If you’re looking to join a startup instead of one of these behemoths, check out open roles at our portfolio.

As of 2020, 60 of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley have Colorado-based teams

Most known for B2B SaaS, enterprise software and advanced technologies, secondary HQs in the Front Range (the Denver-Boulder area) include 7 of the biggest tech companies in the world: Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Intel, Apple and NVIDIA.

A few other sectors continue to gravitate to the Front Range….

The Front Range is also a magnet for DevOps companies

Splunk, Elastic, GitLab & New Relic all build teams in Colorado.

Denver is second-home to martech & HRtech giants

1000’s of employees in Colorado work for martech industry leaders Adobe, Marketo, & Hubspot and HRtech leaders Gusto, Workday, Trinet, Zendesk & Freshworks.

Cybersecurity leaders are also growing teams in Colorado

Threat intelligence and authentication security leaders Crowdstrike, Okta, Palo Alto Networks, and Proofpoint all have Colorado-based teams.

A number of B2C leaders are also in Colorado

Uber, Instacart and Lyft have both had Colorado-based teams for about 10 years. AirBNB, Robinhood, and Twitch recently joined the fold.

Below is a quick list of those 60 companies with teams in Colorado.

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