We’re excited to announce our investment in Iris Finance alongside DA Ventures, Rise of the Rest Seed Fund (Revolution Ventures), and Rosecliff Ventures! 

What is Iris Finance? 

Iris is a financial planning platform for CPG/ e-commerce businesses that allows real-time data analytics and dynamic forecasting of profit, cash flow, budgets, and more. Iris acts as a data warehouse and data science team in addition to enabling FP&A services.

Who’s on the team?

We connected with Alex and Drew in the fall of 2023. Prior to starting Iris, Drew was the COO/CFO of Mad Rabbit, a skincare-focused CPG brand, where he directly lived the challenges of monitoring and managing the metrics critical to operating a high growth business. Alex built his deep experience in sales through his previous experience on the founding team of clean.io (acquired by Human).

Why are we excited?

At Access Venture Partners, we have backed the best and brightest founders building in enablement technologies. As Alex Houghtalin has written here, there are massive gains to be had when unlocking productivity with domain-specific AI automation. In the numerous conversations we’ve had with finance professionals at CPG companies as well as fractional CFO firms, we continued to hear about the pain points around the specific workflows within this space. The team at Iris has had firsthand experience navigating the integrations across tooling in this space as well as the relationships in the industry to transform how financial planning will be done in this space.

If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities at Iris or would like to chat with us about what you’re building in the enablement space, reach out to Alex at accessvp dot com.