Company will add integrations, automation, and analysis features to enable UX and research teams to scale insights across their companies.

If you’re interested in a career with Tetra Insights, reach out! The Boulder-based team will be scaling all teams, including adding the following roles: Director/ VP of Sales, Director of Customer Success, Customer Support Manager, Senior Product Designer, Director of Research Operations, & Director of Demand Gen.

Boulder, CO. (July 30, 2021)Tetra Insights, the all-in-one research operations platform, announced a new $5 million round of Series A funding led by Access Venture Partners with participation from Next Frontier Capital and Active Capital. The investment will accelerate the company’s growth and development of its proprietary technology.

Customer experience has become critical to competing in the modern digital economy – accelerating the spend in product and customer insights software to $160B in 2020. With the rapidly changing markets and trends accelerated by the pandemic, demand for Tetra’s platform has skyrocketed.

“Tetra’s mission is to enable customer-centricity at any scale,” said Michael Bamberger, Tetra’s CEO and co-founder. “The biggest challenge for forward-thinking organizations today is the inability to connect the dots across the massive troves of data and insights they’re already collecting. Tetra streamlines research operations to amplify the impact of user experience research and accelerate data-driven decision making.”

Brian Wallace, Managing Partner at Access Venture Partners says, “Amazing customer experiences have become the #1 differentiator across every industry and the way to achieve them is by better understanding the customer’s needs. Enterprises need the capability to measure and glean insights from user research at scale. Tetra’s platform modernizes user insights – placing the customer at the cornerstone of enterprise decision making.”

Global enterprises, including Yara International, and hyper growth startups like Segment, rely on Tetra to power their qualitative insights practices. Tetra’s platform is primarily used by researchers, UX designers, and product managers, and often serves as the glue that aligns strategy and execution, keeping teams on the same page. Modern insight processes in leading organizations require deep collaboration around customer needs, pain points, and potential solutions. The insights that flow through Tetra create seamless integration across teams responsible for delivering best-in-class experiences.

“Tetra has been a game changer for incorporating insights from qualitative research into our product,” said Kevin Niparko, Product Lead at Segment. “User research has become an increasingly critical part of how we prioritize and design new product features, and Tetra allows us to find and share insights from this data in intuitive ways. Our team is now using Tetra to share these direct customer insights throughout our product development process.”

“We are partners to our customers, and we know they rely on us for some of the most critical and sensitive work they do,” says Michael Bamberger. “This investment allows us to further innovate and enhance our value to our customers, while deepening our commitment to enterprise standards for quality, security, and reliability.“

Benefits of Tetra Insights:

  • Automate Research Operations: Tetra handles the logistical burdens of executing research and sharing insights
  • Streamline Qualitative Data Analysis: Intuitive real-time analysis and synthesis features allow for seamless tagging and insight generation
  • Become an Insights-Driven Organization: Powerful and flexible insights repository features suited for enterprise workflows

About Tetra Insights: Tetra Insights is the leading platform for enterprise user research and insights. Our technology empowers leading organizations by streamlining research operations and amplifying insights. Tetra is headquartered in Boulder, CO and was founded by experienced research and data entrepreneurs. To learn more, please visit: